Paula White is a qualified and experienced manager providing flexible, freelance management services and training to businesses across Bristol and the South West.

Many of today’s businesses contain technically skilled individuals who aspire to be Managers purely for the title and salary increase that come with this. They lack natural leadership skills, have little interest in formal management training and no strong desire to take responsibility for a team, yet they are part of a system where this is seen to be the only career path.

As a Director you want to reward and hold onto your key people and feel that in order to do so, and justify a salary increase, you must promote them to Managers. Consequently we have teams who feel at arm’s length from the business goals and direction, who are being lead by individuals without the skills to do so, and whose motivation drops as without good leadership & management, they struggle to understand where they fit in.

As a Director who is investing heavily in these people do you ever find yourself wondering why you have clever people & simple procedures yet things just don’t seem to work properly?

I am an experienced Senior Manager, a natural in bringing out the best in people, and have a genuine desire to see people working efficiently & effectively to deliver the best service for your business. Through my work at The White Approach I offer freelance and flexible solutions to your management needs, as well as support to your aspiring managers while they find their feet. There are a number of ways I can offer this help.

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