by Paula on October 18, 2010

For a lot of UK businesses, Social Media is still something of a mystery. They are aware of it but often the focus of it will be more about how to stop staff using it to “waste time” when they should be working, rather than thinking about how it might benefit the business. This is not surprising, after all it is a whole new way of looking at marketing the business and attracting clients and to a lot of industries this is not something that they feel comfortable with doing….yet. There is the obvious need to understand how to do it, as well as the recognition that it takes time and there are already not enough hours in the day!

I found this article today that specifically looks at Architects. A profession that value networking but perhaps take a more ‘old school’ look at meeting people.¬†It offers a reassuring angle on how Social Media really can open doors, offer an opportunity to engage with people who you may not meet via traditional marketing, and put forward a more open and¬†approachable company ‘face’.

I thought it was worth sharing the article for those of you out there in similar industries who are also asking whether Social Media is relevant or useful to you. http://businessontwitter.co.uk/twitter/2009/02/why-architects-should-twitter/

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