by Paula on October 25, 2010

It’s important when considering the value of Social Media to have a look at those around you and see what they’re doing. I want to demonstrate a local business and a specific feature of their Social Media activity as an example of one of the huge benefits of getting on top of your online presence.

Playspace in Bristol is a soft play centre that has a cafe, offers parties and workshops for kids as well as the usual area to bounce, jump, climb and generally have fun (yes I have joined in myself – purely to look after my little one you understand!).

They came to my particular notice from a Social Media perspective due to their fantastic awareness of what’s being said about them online and how they are able to capitalise on this. I am a frequenter of netmums.com and have often looked up places to go and things to do, and these advert postings are almost always followed by a stream of posts from visitors to the various venues, either singing the places praises, or sharing bad experiences.

It is usual that places get a mix of both, after all any place can have an off day and not all places are to all people’s tastes. Now on the whole Playspace gets fabulous reviews and comments but naturally there are times when someone has got something less than complimentary to say.

What I see with other play areas is one negative comment can spark another, and before you know it there is a stream of feedback getting steadily worse, and as a business owner you wonder why attendance is dwindling and have no idea what you might have done wrong, or how to right it.

What Playspace does so well is monitor comments and are clearly aware of what people post about them and where. If any feedback on a visit to their centre is less than complimentary they will respond straight away with concern, apologies, explanations and suggestions of what they might do to ensure this doesn’t happen again. They will thank the person for the comments and genuinely seem to take on board what’s being said and show huge willingness to put things right.

This awareness and activity stops any flow of negativity getting out of hand, and leaves a reader not with concern over a possible bad review, but full of admiration and respect for a business so on top of it’s game and so customer focused and aware.

A look at their website shows that they are also providing information to their Facebook fans and that their information is fresh, engaging and up to date. A great example of a business really making the most of the opportunities of Social Media.

If you think what Playspace are doing sounds great, but you don’t know how to do it, or don’t have the time to do it, then get in touch, I’d be happy to help :-)



NB. Playspace are not a client of White Social Media, I am just featuring them as a fab example of what can be achieved if you know how!

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