Social Media activity: Which camp are you in?

by Paula on October 20, 2010

The more companies I talk to about Social Media, the more I realise there are 3 camps.
Camp 1 – those who don’t know about it or absolutely aren’t interested in it…..that conversation is often a short one!
Camp 2 – those who know about it, are open to hearing about and recognising the opportunities, but think that it’s all quite straight forward and they’ll do it themselves thank you very much.
Camp 3 – those who know about it, recognise the value of it in helping promote and grow their business, but also recognise that it takes time, skill and daily commitment to make a success of it, and want help.
Those in Camp 3 are absolutely ready to bring Social Media Management into their business right now. For larger companies that might mean recruiting someone in to a new position, or for SME’s they can use the services of an external Social Media Relationship Manager, to help get the approach and level of activity just right to meet their business goals. Either way they are taking an intelligent and exciting step forward.I notice though, that in time many businesses who found themselves in Camp 2, will be re-assessing that decision. They will find themselves frustrated by business not showing results, unable to commit the time to it as naturally other business priorities will take over, and unable to reach the audience they hoped to target.

It got me thinking……is Camp 2 a dangerous place to be? Is it better to have no social media presence than a half-hearted one?

If I want to find out about a company and I search via Social Media to see how they are promoting themselves and engaging with clients, would I think more favourably if I didn’t find them, or if I found accounts which were not used for a few months and carried out-dated information? Personally I think that if I didn’t find them I’d wonder why and have concerns, but I’d look elsewhere to find out what I wanted to know. If I found a live and updated and well-managed portfolio of on-line marketing activity I’d find that exciting! But un-loved Social Media accounts would give me a message of reluctance to commit, dabbling without proper research and leave me frustrated, perhaps even wondering if they were still in business?

So that’s my view, what’s yours? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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