by Paula on November 29, 2010

I spend my mornings working in an office helping set up systems and procedures to manage jobs profitably. Over this last year I have had two fantastic, but temporary, members of staff who have provided great support both in understanding and technical skill. Today was the first day in a couple of months when I was back to being on my own again. It’s always the first few days after a temp has moved on that the value of people really shines through.

So why is it that to work our best we need connections and is that the same for everybody?

I know that to complete a project I need people. I need specialist skills, I need morale support, I need people to test the product or service and give me feedback. I also need someone to understand, to share my frustration, to offer a different perspective and to encourage me if I get knocked. Without these factors and these people the job is harder. Harder to know if my output is correct and appropriate, hard to learn skills that are new to me but necessary, hard to keep my sense of humour when times are rough.

If you are a business that is working solo, then Social Media is exactly what can help you feel like you are not on your own.

The opportunities are there to:

– Ask for feedback from clients and learn from it.
– Check that what you are doing is still in line with what clients want.
– Learn from others in your network how to do things.
– Find a good recommendation of soneone to offer outsourced skills.
– Have a laugh with you and share your frustrations. There’s always someone out there going through what you are.

At White Social Media it’s just me but do I feel alone? No I have my Twitter followers who are always on hand to answer a question any time I’m stuck. I have followers on my Facebook Page who give me feedback and ideas on whether what I’m doing is working for them. I have my professional network on Linkedin with sound business advice and referrals for me to find required skills or advice. I have commenters on my blog who offer a different perspective or support my viewpoint and give me faith in what I’m doing. And then I have my closed network on Facebook of like-minded people all striving to make a great business – supporting each other, sharing problems, having a laugh and reminding each other of the great opportunities open to us.

Thanks to Social Media, I work alone, but I have never felt less lonely in my life :-)

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