by Paula on November 14, 2010

I was forwarded an email last week from a friend whose employers have recently set up their first Twitter account, and have begun to Tweet! A great step forward and a real positive for the company that they have recognised the opportunities that Tweeting can bring them.

The problems came with the email. They were asking of their staff for any details on projects that they are working on that they could advertise via Tweets in order to ensure their account is active.

10/10 for starting to use Twitter. 10/10 for understanding that your account needs to be active and have regularly updated content. Unfortunately where it falls down is that it’s being seen as another avenue to advertise and as such it is likely that their following will be low, their frustrations with this new media will grow, and no doubt it will drop off the radar in the next few months as a failed venture.

What the company are doing, are basically Tweeting as if they were leafleting. Dropping company information through letter boxes and hoping people will read it and not bin it. Tweeting is different in that it’s not shoving something through a letter box, it’s knocking on the door and talking to people. Gauging opinions, sharing ideas, and listening to them. With the added bonus that by choosing to follow you, people are as good as saying, my door is open, please knock!

Time consuming? Yes! A very different form of marketing? Yes! A fantastic opportunity to engage with your client base and see increased business growth? Yes!

Keep those leaflets, keep that information, but make it just one of many uses for your new Twitter platform, and you will not be writing Tweeting off in a few short months, but relishing the day you got involved.

Happy Tweeting!


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