by Paula on November 18, 2010

Following on from my blog earlier this week on the clearly defined Social Media approach put forward by Ford, today I am highllighting a similarly responsible and engaging approach from Nokia.

Read article here: Employees get involved in Social Media at Nokia

In the early days, Nokia were doing what many businesses start out doing, and using Social Media as another avenue to push advertising data out to their client base. They have now re-evaluated what Social Media is about, and are understanding that it is more about conversation and relationships and are tackling it with a new approach.

They have a three-pronged agenda which drives their Social Media activity and have recognised that it is there to help them:

1) Build relationships
2) Improve their products and services
3) Demonstrate their values and leadership

They have also gone one step further and are encouraging staff to use Social Media, either in a listening or an engaging role, once they have followed an in-house programme designed to create awareness and understanding, and ensure employees are using it in an appropriate manner. Each employee is given a set of standards that they must adhere to in order to represent the company in online conversations. These are:

1) Be prepared
2) Be transparent
3) Be smart
4) Be nice
5) Be yourself
6) Be professional

It is refreshing to see a company trialling an approach, seeing it not work for them, but not walking away from it. Their commitment to evaluating what they are doing, where they might be going wrong, and looking at how it can be an integral part of the way they do business can be an inspiration to us all. A well managed Social Media strategy can allay some of the fears, help the activity integrate with other business goals, and ensure that the outcome is positive for the company, the employees and the clients alike.

If you are dabbling in Social Media with no real direction then take some time today to look at the bigger picture and combine the opportunities at your fingertips with the core direction and success that your company deserves. The rewards will then start to take care of themselves.

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