by Paula on November 9, 2010

Type “How often to Tweet” into Google and you will get 25 million results!

People are clearly recognising that Twitter is the place to be, and that they need to be tweeting but what, how much and how often?

As someone who follows just over 200 people, your tweet would last on my Twitter home feed for less than 10 minutes. Imagine then if your current and potential client base are following 1000, 2000 or maybe more people, your important tweet will be a mere blip in their daily Twitter feed.

However, you really don’t want to be annoying people by driving them crazy with your minute by minute activity as you go through the day. So what is the correct amount of tweets and how can you really make sure that what you say is heard by those who should hear it?

The important thing is quality above quantity. Make sure that what you have to say is current, interesting and relevant and people will seek you out.

– What is it about your day that is particularly special?

– What is it about your business that is unique?

– What new service or product that you offer will cause people to sit up and take notice?

– What advice do you need that your followers could give input to?

Put some thought behind your tweets and watch as the conversations begin.

Then there are the tweets that build your relationships.

– Show genuine interest in others activities.

– Reply to those who have made an effort to communicate with you, and

– Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Yes, your audience want to know about your new business deals or your latest offers, but how you feel about these things is important too.

So what numbers are we talking? Quality information shared, advice sought, new business ideas explained, tweets answered, comments to others…… it all adds up!

If you are tweeting any less than 5-10 times a day you are probably missing out! 

…..off to tweet – catch up soon!

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