by Paula on November 1, 2010

Everyone’s got an opinion about the X-Factor. Love it or hate it, it is generating attention and conversation. From a Social Media angle there are two things that really jump out at me.

Firstly, as with the X Factor winner being beaten to number one last Christmas as a result of a Facebook campaign, there is Wagner. Not the best voice, not even a likeable character if you believe the papers, and yet he stands as a representative for all those X-Factor haters. As such the campaign to ‘keep him in’ will probably see him through a few more weeks. Facebook offers an opportunity for people to connect quickly and easily and the momentum soon grows. This is Social networking in action.

Secondly, and not so obvious, is the power of engagement. It is no secret that on previous years, much has been made of the so called ‘sob stories’ of contestants but the fact is, the more people feel they “know” someone, the more likely they are to pick up the phone. The winners of the X-Factor are not the ones with the strongest voices, but the characters that people feel they have got to know and can relate to. People need to be likeable and engage with their audience. Exactly what Social Media offers businesses.

If you are a company, you can put out there as much information as you like, but if it is all cold and one-way then people will struggle to engage. If a competitor is advertising but also talking to people, letting them see what goes on behind the adverts, letting people ask questions and feel involved in some of the company’s decisions and ideas, they will warm to the company, recommend them to friends and remember them when wanting to make a purchase.

It makes sense. We as humans like to feel we connect and bond with people, and when we see someone on X Factor that we can relate to, we vote. In the same way, when we see a company engaging with and relating to it’s clients, it attracts us, and the company, deservedly, wins our loyalty and takes our £’s!

The time of singing and winning is past us, to give your business the X Factor, you need to engage, connect, and open up that 2-way street. Your prize will be added loyalty and business growth.

So should you start thinking seriously about your Social Media activity? In the words of Simon Cowell, “A million percent yes”

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