by Paula on November 3, 2010

I was always one of those who hated Halloween and Trick or Treaters, and would locate myself in the back room of the house with the lights off as soon as dusk fell on Halloween night! Now with a little one myself, I have softened slightly and so, this October 31st I found myself at a Halloween party about to set off with the little ones all dressed up, to knock on a few neighbours doors. The friend who held the party had already cleared it with a couple of neighbours beforehand in order to be assured of a warm welcome and no expectations of a group of 5 year olds to perform some evil trick!

After the 3 or 4 houses that had been forewarned, we noticed one or two others with a bright glowing pumpkin face outside and so decided to approach them too. More smiles, more sweets, and more happy kids later we trundled back inside for some scary stories!

And so with my Social Media brain always ticking, I was thinking about the pumpkin on the doorstep and how we saw that as a house that would be welcoming, engaging, happy to exchange laughs and sweets with us, and even on some occasions invite the little bats and ghouls inside to meet the family. Then I thought about the houses that were dark, lights off, or just a small chink of light, but no pumpkin or lantern, and how we wouldn’t dare knock at their doors and bother them.

It made me think of the signs businesses put out….. Does your business have a prominent sign on it’s website inviting customer to engage with you on Twitter, network with you on Linkedin and share stories with you on Facebook, or do you have an advert which just tells a strong message of this is us, we’re not really interested in you? 

And so my question of the day is, “Is there a welcoming pumpkin on your business doorstep?”

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