by Paula on November 3, 2010

I wrote a blog ARE YOU READY TO OPEN YOURSELVES UP….WARTS & ALL?  yesterday about a conversation I witnessed where a business manager was dismissing Facebook as an option for them, due to losing control of what is said about them.

Then this morning a copy of the latest Professional Manager journal landed on my desk and there was an article inside about Social Media for business. The article was discussing the reasons why, although companies know they need to embrace Social Media, they are hesitant. One of the reasons they raised was again this issue of control.

The fact is, by opening yourselves and your company up to Social Media you are actually gaining more control over what’s being said! To be blunt, no company is in control of what’s said about it. People speak to each other face-to-face, on email, by letter, on the phone, all of this is exchange of information that could be about your company, and could be negative, but it is out of your control and for the most part you don’t even know it’s happening.

By having a Social Media network that allows people to comment directly to you, you are actually now being aware of things that were being said before but that you might not have known about… Now, you have the chance to act on it and do something about it!

The opportunities within Social Media management to also be aware of what’s said about you on other networks and websites puts you in a greater position of power than ever before over what’s being said.

The fact is, in order to welcome awareness, understanding and business growth via Social Media, we need to let go of this need for control. And to do that, we need to recognise and admit that this was an area that never really was under our control…

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