by Paula on November 30, 2010

Manic Monday

So yesterday was ‘Manic Monday’ the busiest shopping online shopping day of the year. You took your orders, business was good, you need to get those goods out of the door and then that’s it, right?


How you react to this Manic Monday is key to your business reputation and ongoing success. People will have ordered from you and then posted to their friends on Facebook about having done so. (Have seen several posts today from friends saying where they’ve just placed an order). Great, yes? More publicity, bubbly posters excited about what they’ve ordered and mentioning your company name to their friends.

So what do I expect to see over the coming weeks?

1. People posting about how they received their goods, just what they wanted and in record time. BRILLIANT!

2. People posting that they received their goods but they’re wrong /faulty / damaged. NOT GREAT…

3. People posting that Xmas is desperately near and they haven’t yet received what they ordered from you. NOT GOOD AT ALL….

4. People posting that they contacted you to complain about late or wrong order and got great customer service, apology and reassurance that goods are on the way. GREAT!

5. People posting that they tried to contact you but no answer / ages on hold / rude staff. BAD BAD BAD.

So remember, just because you got the sales, the responsibility continues. People are talking and people are sharing. Make sure that a) you know what they are saying and b) what they are saying is good!

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