by Paula on November 22, 2010

While browsing the internet (at home!) I came across this article from India about different companies approaches to allowing personal internet browsing at work. It really is an interesting time and one which HR in companies are struggling with.

On one hand, there are companies who are shutting down work-time access to Social Media sites to stop their staff “wasting time on them”. Then at the other end of the scale some employers are actively encouraging their employees use of the networks to provide time out from the demands of work and to allow their staff to engage with others. In the same way as a coffee break is a moment’s down time and a chance to chat and share which can improve employee relations, perhaps Social Media offers this benefit and interaction across companies?

As smart phones allowing easy Social Media access become more and more the norm, if you ban employees from these networks at their desk PC, are you just driving them to spend even more time away from their work as they drift off outside or to the coffee room to connect on their mobiles?

Will this image from Intersection Consulting move from humour to reality?

Social Media Break Time

What are your thoughts……?

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Nick Chinn November 22, 2010 at 3:29 pm

it’s a tough one for sure!

I recall setting up smoking breaks in the past, giving 30 min breaks over the day and productivity increased!

The driving to alternative web access (slower normally) is the most interesting thing here, I’d be interested to read on going comments!

Maybe having a daily, weekly amount might work. Who takes their hour for lunch, or any other breaks they are entitled to?

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