by Paula on November 8, 2010

Having just returned from a lovely weekend spent with an avid photographer friend, I feel compelled to extoll the virtues of Flickr.

My friend (Suzi Shmoo as she’s known to her Flickr Friends!) has enjoyed taking photographs for many years now, but it is the development of her Flickr profile that has really taken things to a new level.

As the following video so brilliantly describes, Flickr has opened a new door for budding photographers to share their photos.

Online photo sharing in Plain English

But how does this relate to business you might ask? Well it was clear to me watching Suzi photograph things with certain topics (Bench Monday anyone?!) in mind that it had gone beyond just taking pictures and hoping someone sees them, to actually understanding what her audience wants and giving them that. By following statistics and reading comments, it has become a passion to challenge herself more and more and use the feedback and comments to build on that. Suzi’s Flickr following and fanbase is impressive and she knows that come Monday morning there will be people  checking out her photostream to see what she’s got for them.

How did these people find her? Well, as with all of the Social Networks, she engaged with her audience.

Step 1: She gave them interesting content to follow

Step 2: She updated it regularly and kept her content fresh and exciting

Step 3: It wasn’t all about her – she follows a large number of people herself and regularly comments on their work which has made them interested in her back, and so the relationships grow.

Use these steps in your business networking and you too will come full circle, and the knowledge that people out there are loving what you do and are interested in what you’ve got to say or show them next, will drive you to make sure that you do it. A great combination of understanding what people want, and feeling committed to offer it.

And I couldn’t post this without demonstrating the beauty of some of her images, so here is an image from one of our lovely days at the beach.


Happy Monday all!

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Suzi November 10, 2010 at 7:27 am

It was a pleasure having you down here over the weekend. We were so lucky the weather was kind to us. Let’s make a promise to do it more often!

Thank you so much for featuring me on your wonderful blog and for taking part in ‘Bench Monday’! I have some lovely mementoes of the weekend in the photos I took.

I’m extremely proud of you for achieving your goal of running your own business. Having been friends for twenty years I’ve witnessed how hard you have worked to get to this point. Your drive and determination is admirable. I wish you every success with White Social Media.

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