by Paula on November 24, 2010

Wordle: UntitledI’ve been pondering today about people (I do it often!) and asking myself, “What is it with people and their perception of themselves? Where do people learn how to perceive themselves and why do so many people get it wrong?”

In my working life I seem to meet people who are really terrific and yet have self-doubt. And then there are people who think that the world owes them a living, and yet are clearly deluded! It really has got me pondering on what basis people judge themselves and how so many people seem to see themselves very differently from the rest of us….

TV Talent shows are a great example of this. How many of you have watched one of these and seen someone strut on stage full of confidence and self-belief and then watched in wonder and amazement at how bad they are! Then even when told this they stand up tall and assume that the knockers are wrong. Then the next one is bashful and shaking with nerves and yet their talent is enviable. Is it our genes, our upbringing,….what is it that guides us to form these self opinions and why aren’t they more accurate?

Bringing it right back to Social Media, online activity is a place to shout about yourself. To offer yourself up for examination, to share the good bits and demonstrate quite openly who you are and what you’re about. I met yesterday with a woman who owns a fantastic business, has great ideas and wonderful feedback from all her clients, and yet there is no fanfare or gloating and it is with this that the right Social Media activity can help. Making sure that people can see the good and share the experience.

So when you see the fanfare on Social Media, just remember that the hype does not always deliver and use the networks as an opportunity to engage, to share and to really see what’s underneath. And if the examples above are anything to go by, it’s the ones who are quietly glowing and not so able to trumpet their successes, that are the connections you really want to have.

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