by Paula on November 17, 2010

I watched with interest this weekend as a local farm, Yeo Valley, again showcased their new television advert slap bang in the middle of prime time Saturday night television. It is rumoured that the advert cost £5million and if you see the huge businesses that are advertising in this spot it is clear to see that it is priced out of most businesses range, and yet with one cleverly thought through bit of marketing, Yeo Valley’s promotional efforts have taken on a life of their own.

Choosing a slot in the middle of X Factor guarantees you 2 things: a large audience, and an audience who are sat there in front of their laptops tweeting / facebooking / and instant messaging about what is happening on their screens, as it happens.

Within minutes of the Yeo Valley advert hitting our screens it raced up the Twitter trending tables. The advert on YouTube to date has had over a million views. There is a Facebook campaign to get the song from the advert to the Xmas number one, and here I am (as I’m sure many others are) writing about the huge media attention this one advert has had.

 A great example of careful product placement, a well thought out strategy and a fantastic blend of traditional advertising and Social Media making the marketing opportunities from this one-off promotional spend run and run.

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