by Paula on December 10, 2010

It’s not until I had a child that I realised the importance of having a favourite. He wants to know my favourite colour (Green), my favourite number (3), my favourite animal (a moose!), and yes my favourite word – which is BALANCE.

I strive to apply balance to everything I do and I know that when things get out of balance, things don’t work so well for me. In work I put care and attention to finding the right balance between career and family. At home I try to find the right balance between a “lived in” house and having everything lined up perfectly square and symmetrical! I also do this with relationships both personally and professionally. People need time and attention and care, and yet they also need their own personal space to develop and grow, no-one likes to be ignored or smothered!

And it is with Social Media that I also recommend finding balance.

Certainly you can choose to ignore it, believe it is worthless, and hope it will go away. You can keep on plugging at the same old marketing routes or sit back and hope customers will just carry on coming to you because they always did.

On the other hand you can get so swept up in all the excitement, media attention and articles on Social Media that you spend so much time tweeting, facebooking and writing your blogs that you actually forget that you are there to run a business!

So my advice is to take a balanced approach. If you ignore Social Media, you make a mistake. There’s no doubt that the low cost opportunity to reach a targetted market quickly and easily should not be ignored. With the right attention and time, the relationships and connections you make and find on line will bring you business gain. However……don’t get carried away. Having a mediocre presence on every Social Network going and completely failing to keep them updated because it’s an impossible task and a full time job, will do you few more favours than doing nothing at all!

Sit down, on your own if you have the time and understanding, or with a professional to guide you if not, and look at your business. What do you want to achieve? Who are your target audience? What goals do you have for your business in the short, medium and long-term future? Then research the Social Networks that are available, choose the best fit and do them well.

A focused, well-managed and quality presence on a few key and relevant networks will give you a great business boost and isn’t so out of control that you feel overwhelmed.

The perfect balance.  :-)


Tony December 12, 2010 at 11:53 am

If I understand correctly, a stodgy compromise would not be balanced. Balance has to be dynamic. Like riding a bicycle, its much easier to keep your balance when you are moving!

This fits with social media too, as variation and ringing the changes attracts more attention than just repeating the same old message.

Paula December 12, 2010 at 7:41 pm

Very deep Tony! I see balance as positive informed choice, and compromise while similar, as something more reluctant. In other words compromise suggests to me that you are lessening what you want to do in order to meet opposing needs. Whereas I see balance as making a conscious choice to find a happy place between two desirables.

I totally agree that balance is dynamic, needs continual review and is ever-evolving. Rarely in life is a decision made that is lasting. Every chosen path opens the opportunity to make more choices and Social Media is continually developing and growing. The balance is between keeping up in a controlled manner, and not letting it take over your life! Exciting times :-)

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