by Paula on December 6, 2010

My husband has spent the last couple of weeks scanning ebay at every chance to try to get some ski boots (now purchased) and skis, at a reasonable price. He has been cursing as the prices keep escalating higher than he wanted to pay, and he keeps missing out.

I (probably not that helpfully) suggested that now is the worst time of year to be looking for bargains on skis as the weather and the coming ski season means everybody is doing the same thing. Had he looked for skis in the summer, there may not have been many available but those that were would probably have been bought for a very good price as skiing would be the last thing on most people’s minds while they’re out bbq-ing and having picnics in the park!

It is because of this that I have an ebay box of things to sell when the time is right. There is no good getting to the end of winter and putting my son’s winter clothes on ebay just as everyone is about to start looking for shorts and t-shirts. So I box them up and bring them out to sell the next winter. Sure it’s not convenient to store them for half the year and I do like to have a good clear out, but it’s about assessing the market and deciding when I could make the most money from them!

This thinking about timing, and planning ahead is not only vital for buying and selling on a personal level but in business too. We need to think ahead of what might be happening in 1 month, 2 months, 6 months and start acting now to ensure we are ready for it.

So are you one of those businesses who have been considering Social Media but hey, coming up to Christmas is your busy time, so far better to wait until the New Year when it’s quiet and then look at it…..isn’t it? Actually no, right now while you are busy is exactly when you should be finding some time to plan for your next quiet time. After all, when that time comes and business dips, while you are sat around trying to look into Social Media, those who planned in advance will be online stealing away your customers!

Give it some thought….but not for too long! 😉

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