by Paula on December 12, 2010

While being on Twitter leads you to believe that there’s no-one out there in the world who isn’t on it, it’s actually quite a small number of the business population who are making use of it.

For those who don’t use it there is very little understanding of what it offers business and they often see it as no more than a social tool for sharing our inane bantering about the X Factor or what we’re having for tea (ok so that can happen too!)

I had a think back over this last week and thought I’d list business activity that has happened as a direct result of my being on Twitter:

1. I was able to increase awareness of Bath Ales to a number of people who had not heard of them.

2. I made a purchase of Bath Ales beers for my father as a direct result of engaging communication from them.

3. I was in Bristol and went to the Christmas markets specifically to buy some Orchard Pig cider for another Xmas gift, as I’d seen their tweet about preparing for it.

4. I visited The Kings Head pub in Wells that I had not been in before, specifically to say Hi to a friend I met through Twitter. The friend I took with me loved it and already has plans to go back on two separate occasions with her friend, and with her husband for a meal.

5. I received an email enquiry to my business and have a meeting set up for next week to start some Social Media mentoring, as a direct result of an article I tweeted about.

6. I made a decision to go to a training / sales seminar after a conversation on Twitter direct messaging with someone else who was also attending.

7. Traffic to my website hit an all time high on one particular day as a direct result of some re-tweets about a blog I’d written.

8. I learnt (as I do every week) a whole host of new & useful information by reading articles and tips tweeted out that I’ve been able to use to directly benefit my own business, and that of my clients.

All of these activities are totally as a result of Twitter. Had I not been on here sharing information and connecting with others, none of them would have happened. And that’s just one week. Week after week new people are joining and sharing and new opportunities open up. So if it’s something you’re considering and wanting to see the value of, then follow these steps:

– Look at your current marketing plan

– Be clear about your target audience

– Set up that Twitter account

– Start following people who can offer you something of interest, or who you think you can help.

– Tweet great content – tips, stories, helpful hints, keep the advertising to a bare minimum.

– Re-tweet, reply, share and engage with people and your following will grow.

– Keep it up! Twitter needs attention and time on a daily basis.

Then in a few months you will be able to write your own list of how Twitter influenced your business world in a week. :-)

P.S. While you’re there, here’s a great blog about good use of Social Media – so another bit of useful information to help you on your way – happy reading!

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Steve December 13, 2010 at 1:57 am

So very true Paula, so very true!
On that same day you visited the pub we also had a couple visit who were other (new) Twitter followers of mine. They left one of the best comment cards we’ve ever received, and they work for a local web recommendation service (for bars and restaurants)! They would never have visited if it wasn’t for my Twitter presence…

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