by Paula on December 14, 2010

Years ago when someone hit the news, the world’s press would be out on the streets collaring neighbours and friends and anyone who might possibly have known them, for snippets of information into their world.

Now we have Social Media.

When someone has gone missing, is suspected of crime, or sadly passed away, the press is full of “the last thing they tweeted”, “their last post on Facebook”, “the last photo of them before they disappeared”. It got me thinking…..

If something happened to me today, what would my last posting say about me?

It’s worth pausing for a minute and thinking that through…. Social Media is very real. It works best for people whose personality shines through and we can feel we are really making a connection with them. But, it’s important to remember that these words, these pictures are there for a lifetime and we should feel proud and accepting of everything we say and do.

Take a look now at your last Tweet, your last Facebook comment, the last photo you were tagged in. What kind of image would that give of you if it were to be splashed across tomorrow’s tabloids?

Now the chance is that this is unlikely to happen to any of us but you never know. Maybe it’s time to sift through those Facebook pics and untag the ones you aren’t comfortable with, remind yourself again to think before you post and be sure that everything you say and do represents you and is something you feel proud of. I’m not suggesting we analyse each word to the point that things are robotic, but an occasional reminder of the power and visibility of our every word and image can’t be a bad thing.

Take time out, assess the online you, and if it’s slipped away from who you really are, then take the opportunity to make a fresh start and steer it back in the right direction.

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