by Paula on December 2, 2010

So Facebook and Twitter are alive with disappointed football fans discussing England’s loss of the opportunity to host the 2018 World Cup. I am no football fan myself but watched with interest today at the sheer energy and effort behind England’s bid and there is no doubt it was impressive and well put together.

Now will be the enquiry into what went wrong, why we didn’t achieve what we seem to have been in a strong positon to win, and how we could have done things differently?

Watching the Sky News coverage earlier that followed the decision, two things jumped out at me. Firstly there is talk of UK media coverage of the bid possibly having had a negative effect. Secondly the bid team had put so much presentation into the advert / the show / getting their point across, but when the votes are taken by people, how much effort had they put into building positive relationships and winning people over prior to the actual vote?

These points are both key to good Social Media marketing. Firstly Reputation Management. It’s important not to dismiss the power of negative press, comments or reviews. By being aware of what’s being said about you, you can encourage extra attention to the good and work to minimise the negative effect of the bad.

Secondly Relationship Building – don’t under-estimate people power. People buy, vote, recommend based partly on your product or service but a very large part of it comes from human emotion. How do they feel about you and your brand? Do they feel you care about them? Have you shown them that they are important to you and given them time and attention to help nurture their attention and re-affirm their commitment to you and your brand?

When you’ve drowned your sorrows over the World Cup decision, sit back and think it through and don’t let your bid for success be snatched by someone who approached things differently.

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