by Paula on December 8, 2010

Went to parents evening this week to a fairly glowing report. Found that our son has been put on the government’s Gifted & Talented Register. However, a consequence of this acaedmic ability is he can tend to be a bit lazy. He’s rarely the one putting his hand up with the answer, or fighting to give the answer first, as he’s far too busy gazing out of the window planning out his designs for a rocket to get him to the moon and back in time for lunch!

While I have no massive aspirations for him at aged 5 other than to fit in and be happy at school, my husband and I do have a few concerns. Both of us at school didn’t struggle for the main part, and then when we got to A-Levels and suddenly things became difficult we floundered! We had no real experience of being challenged or having to try hard and so we didn’t really know what to do and it showed in our results. It’s definitely those people who have had to overcome challenges and really push themselves that are in the best place to strive for success.

Out of school and into business, and college, I found my inner-fight and still today love to push myself to find challenges. Now when something is difficult or a bit stressful I really come into my own!

In this problem of apathy when things come easy I see the problem that a number of businesses have. I spoke to a potential client this week who have a niche market with their particular service. They know well their circle of potential clients and have no real need to reach a wider audience or beat competitors, so what can Social Media possibly offer them?

It is here I see the problem that I had myself and that I will try to help my son avoid. While they are sitting there having it all come easy, there are those out there who are not finding it easy and they are fighting. Building up their Social Media presence, talking to those clients that you’ve so easily held onto, and building relationships and making plans to strengthen their position in the market.

As a company, are you finding it easy? Is it not too much challenge to keep those clients and the money rolling in? Great! Lucky you! That’s certainly an enviable position to be in. But don’t rest on your laurels completely. Those competitors that you may not have really noticed, are very much noticing you and working out their strategy to take your place. Make sure that you are on top of your game, giving yourself challenges and you will be ready to come out fighting. Just make sure that you are not too busy looking out the window….while they creep past all guns blazing, before you even had chance to say Social What?

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