by Paula on January 6, 2011

2. Collecting followers.

Day 2 of my pondering on the Twitter pre-Christmas angst-topics looks at the insatiable desire of some to collect followers. To these people numbers matter. It doesn’t matter who the people are, where they are or what they stand for. To some people, every new follower is like a trophy in the cabinet. So why is this important to some people and why does it matter to anyone else?

This article I tweeted out the other day addresses Angst 1 (Bots) as well as the quality v quantity issue of follower-collecting. To pinch a quote from the article:

“Twitter authority and influence is not built solely upon the follower count”

You see it on Facebook as well as Twitter, people with 100’s / 1000’s of Followers and still begging for more! Perhaps it’s self-esteem or perhaps a genuine desire to want to share their message with as many willing ears as possible. Even celebrities do it, always eager to reach that next milestone of followers – perhaps it’s that determination and need to reach the next target in whatever way, that makes them the success they are?!

I think we all recognise that having a quality set of followers is far more rewarding and beneficial than huge numbers that offer you nothing, so the question I’m addressing is, why does it matter to anyone else?

We all want credibility but if someone is judging our credibility purely on numbers of followers, and not who we are, what we say and what we stand for, then you have to wonder about the worth of their opinion perhaps?

If someone repeatedly begs for more followers, I can always unfollow them if their pleas annoy me, but apart from that I see no other reason why it might be a problem. Let people build their numbers, let them feel good about it, after all we all need a little something in life to make us feel special :-)

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