by Paula on January 7, 2011

3. Scheduled Tweets

Continuing with Day 3 of my topics that people have been getting a little hot under the collar about on Twitter recently, today I look at scheduled Tweets.

Without doubt when Twitter was first introduced it was for conversation, live interaction and engaging and this is very much still at the heart of why we use it. However, some have been taking advantage of the flexibility offered by being able to schedule Tweets. Some of these advantages include:

– Reaching audiences in different timelines who normally miss your posts if your Twitter activity is during their night.

– Finding things to share and sending them out at intervals rather than bombarding your followers with 20 things to read at once.

– Having a presence and providing your audience with good content at times when you are unable to Tweet e.g. holidays, weekends, periods of sickness.

Personally I see nothing wrong with this at all as long as it is only a¬†percentage of your Twitter activity that is scheduled in this way. If all of someone’s activity is scheduled and they never interact in real time perhaps they offer little more than a Bot?

Anyone who knows me will know I am a big fan of Balance. Your tweets need to offer this balance in order to be relevant and worthy of follow. A balance between interesting information shared (whether scheduled or not), forwarding on and sharing of others information (via re-tweeting), and good old conversation and interaction.

So do scheduled tweets have a place? Personally I believe yes, they can offer great benefit if used with thought, planning and as an addition to people’s opportunity to interact with the real you.

And that brings me to the end of my 3 days of angst- pondering! Thanks for reading and I hope it gave you a little food for thought as well. I think the over-riding message through all of these posts is that of tolerance.¬† Twitter offers many opportunities to many people and we all have different ways of making it work for us. If other people’s use of it differs from ours and yet causes us no harm, then in the words of The Beatles “Let it Be” :-)

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