by Paula on January 30, 2011

I logged into Twitter on January 14th at 1.45pm and while browsing the latest few Tweets saw one from Wookey Hole in Wells offering Buy One Get One Free vouchers for a limited period, on emailing Chris at Wookey Hole. I switched straight into Outlook, banged off an email and very shortly heard back from Chris. The vouchers weren’t quite ready yet, he had been surprised by the very quick responses he’d received, and I should be receiving it later that day.

For those who don’t know, Wookey Hole offers World Famous Caves, Adventure Golf, Circus, Dinosaur Valley to name just a few attractions. Near to Cheddar Gorge it’s a great venue for a day out and truly something for all the family. We had planned a visit there only a few weeks earlier but my finance-head got the better of me and on that occasion we decided against spending the money, so the vouchers were a welcome treat and we plan to visit next month.

I spoke to Chris a few days later about the Tweet that I’d seen, interested in the reaction he’d had to it and he advised that within 5 minutes of the Tweet going out, he’d had 20 emails! He then had another 15-20 emails over the rest of the day. Not bad for someone who currently has just over 100 followers.

Chris commented that they’d tried a similar type of Tweet previously with no response. Maybe this has happened to you? Here are some hints and tips to make sure that you maximise on Tweets like this and get good results every time.

1. Think about the timing of your tweet. Who are your audience and what time of day are they likely to be on-line? e.g. if your target audience is Mums then a Tweet at 3.30 when they’re all likely to be on the school run or at work is probably not going to be that successful.

2. Ask to be Re-Tweeted! A simple request for an RT is very often obliged. Every person who does that sends your message out to all of their followers. Just 5 RT’s could potentially reach a new audience of 1000’s.

3. Re-post a couple of times through the day. If you’ve got a good offer or a good message, then what’s the harm of tweeting that out a couple of times through the day? The chances of people seeing it all 3 or 4 times are quite slim and would they really mind if they did? I am following 600+ people and my Timeline when I log into Twitter shows me the last 15 minutes of activity of the people I follow, if that. I will often scan back for a bit or check my lists, but the chance of me having caught this message from Wookey Hole if I’d logged on an hour earlier or later is quite slim.

4. Build your followers. Make sure that when you have got something to say you are being heard! Start following people and they will regularly follow back. Try and use Twitter for more than just an advertising tool and engage and chat with your audience too. e.g. as Wookey Hole have done, asking what people would like to see on their next visit. Make sure that if people do respond, you get right back to them – make them feel involved!

Twitter is a fabulous tool for enhancing your sales and marketing and these are some of the way you can ensure that when you have a message to put out, you have a willing and receptive audience ready to hear it. Hope that helps!

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