by Paula on February 22, 2011

Read this article with interest at the weekend, about women and their difficulty at promoting themselves. Totally felt it could have been written about me as I too was brought up to think that confidence was unattractive in women and it’s been a battle to overcome that.

It’s true that as a woman in business you feel under pressure to be attractive, strong, intelligent, interesting, interested and successful but all while making it look like it wasn’t that important to you and just happened while you weren’t looking!

There is a definite happy middle ground between being accepting and thankful for compliments, but not being pushy and arrogant. I know that as a purchaser of products and services I am much more likely to get my cash out, or sign up when I feel genuine like for the person selling. Someone cocky, overbearing or pushy is unlikely to win my business regardless of other factors.

So the openness and downplay that women naturally exude can be attractive. A little vulnerable but not too vulnerable. Confident but in a charming way – phew it’s exhausting!

Personally I hope that after years of doing whatever I can to deflect praise or a compliment, I am now in a place where I can be accepting, as I realise that makes the giver of the praise feel good.

I don’t think I’ll ever be someone who hears “You look nice in dress” and says, “Thank you darling, I do look fabulous don’t I!” while giving a twirl, ┬ábut I feel comfortable that I’m now in a place where I’d say a genuine and heartfelt, “Thank you” with a smile. :-)

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