by Paula on February 28, 2011

I always look at the Bio’s and activities on Twitter of new people who follow me, or people who I may be interested in following and noticed the other day a Bio that simply said “On here when it was cool”. I chuckled to myself as I had been in a meeting earlier that day with a company who had recently let go their Social Media whizz-kid because of his lack of business understanding. An example they gave was of a highly influential journalist they’d like to start following but their SM guy wouldn’t follow him. “He’s nothing”, he said, “I’ve got way more followers than him”. They tried to explain that the journalist was quite new to Twitter and anyway very important in their line of business, but it was this constant battle with what’s “cool” and what counts for something in the SM world, against what was right from a business point of view, that lead them to part company.

It reminded me of when I was younger (and if you know the band in the image on the right, then that was quite a while ago!). If you liked a band, it was no good stating that you’d just started liking them since their first commercially successful release, you had to like them way back from their first album that only sold 20 copies, or claim to have seen them when they were just playing locals pubs and clubs. The earlier you were on board with something, the more kudos you gained, and with Social Media sites and activity, to be seen as ‘cool’ the rules are the same.

It’s often the case on Twitter you see people bemoaning that it’s not what it used to be and there are regular gatherings around the country of those original folk who Tweeted when most of us thought that was an activity of birds! The fact is though, that for innovation and progress WE NEED THESE PEOPLE! There are hundred’s of Social Networks and if you as a business tried to register on them all, you’d be lost in a sea of log-ins and passwords and site etiquette. You’d have no time to run a business and this activity would be doomed to failure. As a business it’s no good sitting on a site that is so cool it only has 100 viewers, you want to be where the people are!

So, to those trendsetters who are out there moving on from where the masses are, and finding their own niche networks to trial and enjoy, we say THANK YOU!

Thank you for:-

– Trialling them out, finding out their quirks and pushing for them to be more user-friendly.

– Moving on from those networks that fail to offer anything new, to save us wasting our time getting to know them.

– Gathering interest in the best and most exciting places to be and attracting hoards of people to them so our businesses can join in and benefit from a huge audience.

– Allowing us to concentrate on deliving great businesses, knowing that you are committing your time and expertise into finding the next big thing, so we can come along and join in!

So while there’s a slight tease to this post, the message is genuine. Without those people striving ahead and forging new paths in technology, communication and innovation, I wouldn’t be sat here now with the ability to reach an audience far bigger than just a couple of years ago, we could ever have imagined, and for this, we as businesses, can be very grateful.

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