by Paula on March 16, 2011

My blog today is prompted by this article I read on Bob Sullivan’s “Red Tape Chronicles” discussing the increasing polarity between those who are and those who aren’t on social networks.

Fears over loss of privacy seems to be the strong argument against joining the masses on line, and surely this is a real and present fear? It’s a sad fact that in all areas of our life there are those whose sole purpose is to get our information and mis-use it. Whether we use online banking, credit cards, mobile phones, store cards, fill in surveys or censuses or use social networks, there are organisations and individuals desperate to learn our every move and habit.

So should you therefore hide away? Only use cash, never put anything about you on the internet, never talk to strangers, never leave the house…? It’s true that this will mean you are more protected, more safe, more of an enigma, but you will also be less connected, less aware of what’s happening around you, less up to date on important events in your friends and families lives, and unable to share these with them.

It is difficult as more and more people embrace their online lives so fully, they forget that there are those who are not engaged and to whom the message won’t get through.

To those fully immersed in technology I say: remember those who aren’t, they would like to be included in your life too. (and print the advice below and give it to them, the won’t see it otherwise :-))

To those who are fully against it I say: give it a try. Step outside the comfort zone and explore. There’s a lot of happy middle ground between total denial of online interaction and giving out your address before telling the world your house will be empty for a week! Be intellient, think before you post, and don’t post unnecesary personal information, and you might find a whole new world of warmth and information opens up to you, and it’s not quite asĀ dauntingĀ as you think.

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