by Paula on April 25, 2011

tarka-trail-orford-millsFirst blog post after a fantastic holiday in Devon over the Easter break. We stayed at a lovely place called Orford Mills which I booked at the last minute through Cottages 4 You. I was quite specific when booking on dates, had a rough idea of area, but apart from that was open to persuasion. My usual booking technique is to narrow it down using filters to a reasonable number of options and then I do four things:

– Look at what the place says about itself

– Look at pictures of the place

– Look at what there is to do in the surrounding area

– Look at what other people have said about the place

Out of these 4 things, I’m aware that most places will sell themselves in their best light in their own blurb. I also know that most areas have things of interest and we’re good at digging out fun things to do. I also do like to see what the place looks like but try not to be too fussy after all it’s only a few nights, I’m not moving there!

So the one that carries the most weight is what other people say. A stream of people reviewing it positively is a huge plus, and yet a few negative comments can turn me away. It’s this comment and conversation that is Social Media.

peacock-orford-millsIt is because of the value of these comments and conversations on Social sites about a place, that brings me to my heading “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Reading reviews from real people who’ve holidayed somewhere gives me confidence in a place. So, the first thing I do when I return from somewhere is to give my review too. This benefits both the place and future guests.

I also know how great it feels to receive a positive comment about my work or a blog and so I like to pay it back and ensure that I share my good experiences for all to see, as I know this will be warmly welcomed.

Orford Mills was fantastic – we loved everything about it and so I joined their Facebook page as I’m keen to support them and also to see what goes on there now we’ve returned home. I will also submit my review on Cottages 4 You to help people in the future decide if it’s for them.

It’s this network of sharing, offering of opinions and learning from others that is what makes Social Media such a valuable tool for buyers and sellers alike.

cream-tea-orford-millsHave you had a great holiday, bought a great product, or visited a great venue recently? The supplier would love to know about it, and your comments will help others with their decisions. A little bit of time to do something nice goes a long way.

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