by Paula on May 19, 2011

Just back from another great “Mums the Boss” meet, where women who are running businesses and family can get together to share ideas, network and offer support and friendship. Always an inspiring group of professionals and something I love being a part of.

I had been invited to do a talk on the subject of Social Media and we had a great session, where I aimed (with the use of some interesting props – pictured right) to bring the concept of Social Media into day-to-day life and explain the why’s and what for’s from a different angle to the standard. This seemed to go down really well and prompted lots of discussion and questions after. There are many things that spring into my mind to write about following it, but one statement comes up often, and so I want to address it here.

“I don’t really post anything on my Facebook page, because I don’t really have any followers”

Now if I started advocating talking to yourself, you may well think I’m being rather silly. How on earth are you going to raise awareness of what you’re doing by talking to yourself. And anyway, you’re far too busy to be posting things that no-one’s ever going to read aren’t you?

Here’s an example of what I mean. I was walking along the Embankment (I think it’s called) in London by the Millennium Wheel. There were lots of street performers – dancers, singers, jugglers, magicians. It was a riot of colour, music and fun! We wandered along and who do you think we watched?

  1. The man who was sat there, waiting for people to come and watch him, because there’s no point doing anything until you have an audience.
  2. The man who was singing and standing on one leg, with no-one watching him yet but hey, he was fun!
  3. The men dancing and performing with a big crowd of people laughing and joining in.

And the answer is…… 2 and 3 actually! No point watching Number 1. Couldn’t be sure he would do anything, and had no idea what he had to offer.

Felt a little bit nervous to be the first to watch Number 2, but we did like the look of him and very soon other people joined us.

Definitely drawn to Number 3, wanted to be a part of what was going on and if other people were liking them, we were sure we would too!

So the moral of my tale is: Don’t sit there and wait to be followed before you start offering something. Get involved, post and share your comments and thoughts, and soon one or two people will stop by. They will like what you do and so others will come and take a look too.

In other words: if you need to start off by talking to yourself – do it! You won’t be on your own for long :-)

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Kevin Leighton May 19, 2011 at 11:03 pm

This is very much like a conversation I had with someone very recently who had setup a new website and then noticed, that after an initial flurry of activity noone was viewing it.

I asked what was being done to make potential customers, or even just interested bystanders, go and view it. The answer,to this was, ‘nothing’.

My advice – write a relevant short article of interest maybe once or possibly twice a week (quality over quantity).

Publicse the new blog link via Twitter or Facebook, and new followers will eventually come to all of the mediums you employ.

Nobody can make it happen quickly but interest and regular followers will come.

I guess the simple reality of what we are saying here is, ‘you gotta put goods on your stall before people can buy’!

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