“Where the Wild Things are”

by Paula on July 12, 2011

Facebook vs Google+, the networks are alive with people pledging their allegiance to one or the other, testing the platforms and offering comparisons, or desperate to get on board and waiting for a precious invite.

I’ve spent a few hours over the last 2 days getting to know the ins and outs of Google+, checking out privacy settings, playing with circles, exploring huddles and experimenting with posting. (Yes there’s a whole new language to learn too!).

I have 3 aims with all my Social Media exploratory work:

  1. To assess the benefits and pitfalls, gain an insight into how it works, and be in a position to recommend to clients if / when / how they should use it.
  2. To see what it offers me as a business. Are there opportunities, what type of audience is it attracting, what opportunities are there to be creative within the clearly defined boundaries?
  3. To see what if offers me personally. Is it fun, is it dynamic, does it make me want to log in rather than feel I should? And most importantly of all – who’s there?

And “Who’s there?” is the most important question of all.

As a business there’s no point sticking fast with Facebook because that’s where you started and you’re sticking with it. There’s also little point in being proud of your new Google+ set up when no-one else could be bothered to move from Facebook. As a business, the rules remain the same:

  • Know your goals
  • Know who your clients are
  • Know where your clients are
  • Meet them on their home ground

For now the business element of Google+ is still anticipated but the buzz (no pun intended!) is that it will aim to bring the personal contacts of Facebook together with the professional contacts of Linkedin under one roof. Attractive for sure but it’s all still in the assessing and wait and see stage. For now, people will look, test and play but continue with what they know until there is something more established.

But what about personally? Google+ invites are flying out at an alarming rate and people are eager to get on board and explore. Does this come from dissatisfaction with current offerings, a passing interest in seeing the new kid on the block, or an indication of what’s to come and a shift in where we meet and chat?

There are Facebook haters, there are Google haters. What if your group of friends and family are split down the middle and half go one way and half the other….? Will we all cope with another place to log in to keep up to date with what’s going on or will the “I’m going to the gym” posts from Cousin Tim, lose out as our desire to excite, laugh and connect takes us to the site “Where the Wild Things are” 😉




Rahma Krambo July 14, 2011 at 1:28 am

Thanks for this informative post. I’ve only seen the buzz about Google+ but haven’t had time to check it out. And do I even want to? That’s the question and all the points you raised are my concerns as well. I’ve been spending an incredible amount of time online lately because I’m publishing a children’s book. I actually love having a jillion conversations going all over the world, but do I really need another social media venue?

I guess time will tell. I loved the title of your post.
Rahma Krambo

Paula July 14, 2011 at 9:28 am

Hi Rahma. Thanks for your valued comments. I’m definitely with you that the conversations and sharing are fantastic and so many of us are benefitting from them personally and professionally. Whether people will flock from one site to another as this thing evolves, or whether we will have to be on them all to keep up with the various people in our lives, time will tell I guess. I’ll keep you posted on what I see happening. :-)

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