by Paula on March 30, 2012

Without doubt Hashtags are one of the things that always come up when I am looking at Twitter with clients. A hashtag is a way of grouping together tweets on a certain topic e.g. discussions on a TV programme. Posting a tweet with the hashtag allows the Users comments to be seen by others viewing that “group” and allows readers to isloate tweets on that subject only.

One of the main ones that new Users to Twitter ask about is the Follow Friday hashtag i.e. #FF

The original intention of this was that on a Friday you would refer to a person that had been particularly helpful / friendly / funny on Twitter that week, and attach the #FF hashtag as a way of recommending to your followers that they should follow this person too.

As things grow and evolve however, it has started to lose it’s value and meaning. Here are some examples of why I think this:

  • People have started churning out lists. The personal reasons of why we should follow these new people are not there and so they are ignored by all but the people on the list.


  • There is a website called Follow Friday Helper which tells you who you talked to most and then Tweets a personalised #FF from you. BUT, it then tags it and leaves me feeling that if you needed a piece of software to remind you that this person was great, then they clearly didn’t have that much impact did they…?


  • The #FF’s go out to all and yet we all have different criteria for who we want to follow. If someone tweeted “Hey Paula I recommend you follow XYZ because they are local & I met them & I think you’d get on well” that would get my attention, but recommending someone to all your followers is a bit hit and miss.

The bottom line is that more and more #FF’s are being ignored and a glance at followers before and after #FF recommendations, however personalised, will show this. So do they still have a place?

To me, the sentiment behind them is still very much alive and kicking. If I get a #FF that has a reason and shows that someone thought of me that feels GREAT! It’s that care for each other and demonstration that you are of value to someone that really can give you a lift. And in the same vein I want a vehicle to say to someone, you know what, you made this week that bit special for you with your humour, your caring and your sharing.

Maybe it’s time for #FF to evolve into something that really does what we intend to do. Perhaps it’s time to start saying to people #YouRock ! 

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