by Paula on June 12, 2013

Yesterday I read a blog by Bryony Thomas, author of Watertight Marketing defining the 3 different types of Marketing Consultant. She describes them as:-

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Marketing Project Manager
  • Marketing Implementor

I want to take this structure (which actually applies to any consultant you bring into your business) and show you how it also relates to your business itself. Let’s describe them generically as Leader, Manager & Team.

  • Leader

This person is at the head of the business. They steer the ship. They know where they want to go and are driven and enthusiastic about getting there. They have an understanding of the market and are the inspiration behind the business.

  • Manager

Level headed, practical and good with managing projects and people. They are qualified and competent to understand the vision, ask questions where required & set it out into a realistic and achievable plan of action. They are then the guider of this plan to ensure the right people do the right things at the right time, and knowing when and how to involve the Leader.

  • Team

These are the people who put in the work to follow the plan to take the business from A to B. They will have a range of skills and expertise but need clarity on what’s expected so they can focus and deliver on their part in the plan.

Steering the ship

I used the terminology “steer the ship” above so to take that further in it’s simplest terms:

  • A Leader would say “I want to sail to Mexico!
  • A Manager would plan the route, the times, the equipment required
  • The Team would sail and maintain the ship 

What about if you took one of these away?

  • A Manager and a Team would have the competency to achieve great things but no real idea of what they were working towards.
  • A Leader and a Manager would have a great vision and plan but not the time or expertise to deliver on it (and if they did, it would be at high unnecessary cost)
  • A Leader and a Team would work hard but struggle along the way as there would be no clarity and direction and a struggle to interpret the vision into “What do we do today?

You may be reading this and think it only applies to businesses with lots of staff. Not at all. This applies very much to sole traders too. As an individual, you will have a natural affinity with one of these styles.

Are you having great ideas for your business but struggling to find the motivation to make it happen?

Do you have the skills & ability to run a great business but a bit unsure of what you want to do and where you want to head?

Are you really good at “doing the work” but unsure how to turn that effort into a business and money?

None of these are wrong – they are all hugely valuable roles and personally traits. The most important thing though is recognising what you have within yourself or your business and getting the help you need on the area that is lacking. Only then will you have a solid business structure that drives clearly in the direction you want it to.


In case you’re wondering, I fall into the management category & if that’s the piece in your jigsaw that’s missing, then do get in touch and I’d be happy to see if I can assist.

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