CS3: Launching a new service – Rehabilitation Centre

Case Study: Launching a new service

Image courtesy of ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.netIt’s never too late to put a plan in place


The organisation needed to bring in more money and had talked over a new service that they could offer. They booked a stand at a Trade Show that they felt would help them reach their new target client and then….did nothing.

When I was called in 6 weeks before the Trade Show, I found:

  • Management Enthusiasm – The Manager was hugely passionate about the new services & keen to launch them at the Show but had no idea of how to actually do this
  • Marketing Meltdown – The Marketing Manager was despairing at the lack of clarity over the services & panicking about material being ready in time
  • Staff Reluctance – Staff who would usually man a trade stand for the existing business were refusing to talk to people about services they felt they knew nothing about
  • No Project Plans – There was no one person leading the project & no sense of the enormity of the task to be ready to confidently launch a new service in such a short turnaround time


  • Brought all involved to a meeting where the ideas, problems, timescales, responsibilities & budgets were discussed
  • Wrote a Project Plan with responsibilities and deadlines
  • Worked with the M.D. to detail the service which included:
    • Questions to really define the service offering
    • Looking at the current operations to & how the new service would be managed
    • Researching the competition & need for the service
  • Researched the event to find who was attending & exhibiting: size of co., job roles etc.
  • Decided upon required materials & supported marketing to create them
  • Trained the staff on the new services & their focus for the event


  • Time spent defining the new service, showed it to fall into 3 key areas
  • Choosing to focus on Quality rather than Quantity we chose to work on putting forward one confident and detailed new service, rather than a diluted version of all 3
  • The chosen service fitted well with the researched information about the event attendees
  • The marketing department were able to have very focused and clear materials
  • The staff were much more comfortable with a clearly defined brief and used the event as a chance to make new contacts, gather details and also start the research around the next 2 steps of the service
  • The Event was hailed by the Managers as a successful and worthwhile exercise

To put it even more simply, it’s never too late to put a plan in place.

“I loved working with Paula, she was creative and inventive, strategic and objective. I found her to be personable, flexible, knowledgeable and an extremely good communicator. I’d recommend her services and look forward to working on another project with her in the future.” Amanda Thomas, Western Counselling