CS6: Small Business Health Check – Telecoms

Case Study: Small Business Health Check

Image courtesy of ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.netA confident “Leg-Up” to the next level


I was called in by the Director of a small Telecoms company for a half-day session with a view to helping him understand more about social media and how it could be used to take his business to the next level of growth.

Through a tailored pre-session questionnaire I found:

  • Fear of promoting the business due to a previous, and potentially conflicting, employed relationship
  • Mixed Messages over whether the business was being promoted on the benefits of being small, or pretending to be bigger than they were
  • Desires for growth to be able to “rescue” family members from corporate life and bring them into the business
  • A number of social media sites set up on the advice of others yet not really being used
  • Work being taken on that wasn’t really what the owner wanted to do, through fear of saying No to income (therefore confusing the message of what’s really on offer)


  • Looked at the previous conflicting relationship:
    • Were there contractual issues?
    • Was the Director putting unimportant relationships before his own needs?
    • What was the worst case scenario if the previous employer knew about his business?
  • Asked a number of searching questions designed to get to the bottom of the “Big or Small” issue and then helped with listing all of the benefits of the preferred route
  • Worked through the issues with confused business offering and helped cement confidence in chosen path
  • Selected two social media sites that suited strategy, disabled the others & trained in tools and techniques to use them competently and effectively


  • Client felt hugely relieved of the burden of “holding back” and excited about the next steps
  • He felt renewed confidence in the direction he had chosen for his business and as such felt much less muddled about how to promote it
  • His focus for networking and social media was much more defined and therefore much easier
  • Instead of being overwhelmed by all of the things he thought he probably should be doing, he had specific, achievable goals to work towards
  • He understood the Why, Where, What and Who behind social media instead of just the How

To put it even more simply, it’s good to talk things through

“Thank you for yesterday I found the whole experience extremely useful and de-mystified some of the myths I think I had dreamt up! I look forward to working with you again.” Business Owner, Telecoms