Owned and managed by Paula White, The White Approach offers a practical, hands on solution to the projects that tie up your valuable time, or never seem to move off your “To Do” list. Bringing skills and experience in Operations & Project Management, together with up-to-date specialisms in Social Media and small business growth, I work directly with you to offer solutions, actions and support to help you achieve your business goals.

Whether you are sat at the top of a large corporation, running a busy department or working for yourself in a home-based business, the challenges of juggling the “To Do” list are the same. Balancing the priorities with the nice-to-haves, the client needs with staff needs, and the daily running of your business with the new projects you want to explore, is a constant challenge.

  • I am not a coach, although I am qualified to be one and use these skills to work with you on your goals.
  • I am not a consultant, although I bring my consultancy skills to analyse and identify the areas for project focus.
  • I am not a Group Trainer, although I do work with individuals or small groups to ensure knowledge shared is at an appropriate level and pace, is directly relevant to the task and is clearly understood.
  • I am an Implementer. I am the one who gets things done. 

My experience shows me that businesses don’t want someone to talk to them about where they need to be and then leave them with a list of actions. They don’t want someone to tell them what they already know and make them feel even worse about struggling to get there. They also don’t want someone to put more work on their overloaded shoulders and charge them for it.

That’s where I come in. My work is tailored around longer term project delivery working alongside Managing Directors in an outsourced Operational Role, as well as smaller projects training, coaching and planning in specific areas of need e.g. business use of Social Media. For further information on these areas, take a look at the Project Delivery and Social Media pages or contact me to arrange an informal chat about how I can help you Get Things Done.