Project Delivery

Whether you are sat at the top of a large corporation, running a busy department or working for yourself in a home-based business, the challenges of juggling the “To Do” list are the same. Balancing the priorities with the nice-to-haves, the client needs with staff needs, and the daily running of your business with the new projects you want to explore, is a constant challenge. What about if you had some help. Someone who is as comfortable with the planning and strategy as they are with rolling up their sleeves and helping you deliver projects?

My experience over the last year in training clients in Social Media for business, and the last 20 years of being employed in operational roles in businesses have shown me clearly that there is always desire at the top of a business to grow and improve. This is demonstrated by commitment to learning and development, but back at the desk and with the pressures of the business always demanding, putting the new skills and ideas into practice can be the step that gets left undone.

Have you recently:

  • Attending a training course or presentation and made notes of things you’d like to implement in your business, but not looked at the notes since?
  • Got a list of business improvements or ideas that you know you’d benefit from implementing but just never seem to have the time?
  • Been recommended some software or a different way of working that you think would add value but keep putting it on the list to look at next week / month?
  • Promised yourself you will get someone in to talk to you about Social Media, financial software, networking opportunities, business advice, but time is slipping by and it’s getting pushed back?
  • Felt burdened by the lack of progress in the business as you are spending all of your time being reactive?
  • Read and been inspired by a business book and wondered how it’s possible to make those things you’ve been inspired by relate to you and the day-to-day running of your business?

I can help you. I have over 20 years experience of working in busy, fast-growing and client-facing businesses and am credited with my ability to get things done. Working as a senior manager in finance, operations and project management roles I have worked both alone, in teams and leading teams to evaluate business needs, recommend areas for improvement, plan a strategy and approach, and then rolled up sleeves and driven that project through.

What you don’t need.

My experience shows me that businesses don’t want someone to talk to them about where they need to be and then leave them with a list of actions. They don’t want someone to tell them what they already know and make them feel even worse about struggling to get there. They also don’t want someone to put more work on their overloaded shoulders and charge them for it.

So what do you need?

How about…..
  • Someone to take your To Do list, work with you to decide priorities and then start getting things done.
  • Someone who can demonstrate capability and experience in tackling projects like these before.
  • Someone who has experience managing people and can involve members of your team where appropriate.
  • Someone who is as comfortable talking business growth & strategy as they are rolling up their sleeves and getting things done.
  • Someone you can trust to work through the project for you, keeping you fully informed and involved so that you can concentrate on your areas of expertise, confidently knowing that alongside this, your business and projects and developing and progressing.
If this sounds exactly like what you need then please contact me and let’s talk through how I can help. All work starts with an initial consultation to ensure synergy in what you need and what I can offer. If that’s a good fit then together we plan the WHAT, WHEN, HOW and finally you have a WHO.

Let’s get things done!