Interim Management

Short term Management solution to see you smoothly through the difficult times

Despite best laid plans things never go smoothly. You might find yourself:

  • Facing a gap in management due to a period of staff absence or between recruitment
  • With a specific project that needs resource to manage it
  • Needing a competent manager to ease your own burden but currently only on a part-time basis

In these circumstances it isn’t always easy to find the short-term support you need.

Work load dependent, I can offer a flexible, freelance solution to tide you through the difficult times. Working with you on a short-term and/or part-time basis I can bring my management skills and expertise to your business to give reassurance, leadership and support to help bridge the gaps.

How it works

As this type of role would be very specific to your business, the first option would be for us to get together for an informal discussion. Whether it’s interim cover for an absent manager, or a specific project that needs leading, we can ensure that my skills and availability match the needs of your and your business, and look together at how I can help.

A recent client in the financial services sector had grown his business to the size where it was more than he could manage on his own and yet it wasn’t quite big enough to require full-time management. I worked 1 day per week managing staff, putting in place systems and processes and providing Director support. After 18 months the business was at a size to require someone full-time doing my role & so I assisted the Director in recruitment and stepped aside once a handover had taken place. The Director commented that I’d “Joined them as a young company, seen them through the tricky teenage years and enabled them to go forward as a fully fledged adult”.