Management Audit

High Level Overview of Management Structure and Individual and Team effectiveness across the business.

The intention of managers leading teams is to make your life easier. By interpreting your vision into actions & positively leading your staff towards achievement of your business goals, you gain freedom from the day-to-day and have more time and space to work on the areas of the business that you enjoy.

However, putting in a manager can often cause as many problems as you hoped it would fix. An unskilled manager who is struggling can end up isolating his or her team from the rest of the business, and causing a blockage in the communication, direction and focus that are essential to meet the financial, service and growth aspirations of your business.

For newly promoted or struggling managers I offer my hands-on Management Instruction programme to give these managers the skills and expertise needed to excel in their role in your business.

But what if you know things aren’t right yet are struggling to identify where the problem lies? You want to offer training and support but are not sure where specifically things aren’t working?

To help you through this I offer my Management Audit package.

How it works

We start with an informal discussion, at my expense, to ensure there’s a good fit between what you need and what I offer. The Management Audit then consists of:

  • Agreed selection of individuals at varying levels of the business
  • Meetings* with the selected people to gain insight into the business through their eyes, according to pre-determined criteria
  • Reporting back to you and or your Board Directors, together with opinion and advice based on my experiences, in order to establish if and where there are management / people issues hampering the progress of the business.

*These meetings will be supportive, positive and will encourage openness in order to make improvements.

This package can work as a one-off giving you a better oversight into your people and management team, or could lead onto Management Instruction for individuals where required.