Management Instruction

Working with your Managers to improve their effectiveness & value to you 

Many of today’s managers are leading teams of valuable company assets without ever having the skills or training to be able to do so successfully. The approach, tools and techniques required to identify the individual needs of their team members, give them the support and clarity they need while allowing them the freedom to use their skills, all while acting as a 2-way open line of communication to the Director don’t come naturally to many. Off-site training courses can be costly, largely irrelevant to your specific business & involve large periods of time away from the job.

My on the job Management Instruction* offers a number of advantages:

  1. Quality training on the job, learning how to manage the specific issues that are presented.
  2. Support to identify & handle difficult members of the team.
  3. No time away from the job – we work on live issues and get things done as we learn.
  4. A blend of management techniques taught at a level appropriate to the individual & the business.
  5. Can also work if the individual is receiving formal Management training & needs guidance in applying what’s been learnt to the day job.

*Why is it called Management Instruction? Like a Ski Instructor or a Driving Instructor, I work with the individual, in their environment, with their tools. Firstly demonstrating, then supporting as they do things themselves, then at the right time stepping away leaving them confident, capable and ready to tackle things on their own.

How it works

If you are already in a position to identify a manager or managers who would benefit from this on-the-job learning and support then the first step would be for me to come in and meet with you. This would be an informal discussion, at my expense, to determine the needs of the individual and the business, and work out a programme of training & support. If, however, you are aware that there are management issues with certain individuals or in certain areas but there may be some reluctance or lack of clarity on what learning might be required, then I would suggest starting with my Management Audit which will allow us to get a greater understanding of the best approach.