Social Media

Social Media: It’s about quality, not quantity. It’s about what’s right for your business or organisation, not everyone else’s. It’s about making sure the valuable time you commit is time well spent. It’s about YOU…

For three years now I have been working with businesses across Bristol / South West to help them with their social media activity. While freelance management is the core of the work I offer, I do regularly get asked to come in and talk to staff when there’s a need to look beyond the waffle and the “How to” and really get to the nub of Why, Where, Who and What of social media.

I particularly specialise in social media for business people who “don’t do social media”! No jargon, no pretending it’s a magic wand & no unrealistic expectations, just sensible tailored advice to make the most of the tools available, for you, your brand and your business.

All businesses whether selling products directly to consumers, providing a service “business to business”, or existing to raise awareness and understanding of a public service, are about people interacting with people. These conversations between your clients, your competitors, your peers and your staff cannot be ignored.

With educated use of Social Media, your business can:

  • Listen to what people are saying about your product or service
  • Learn what people like & don’t like, how they live, where they go & who they buy from
  • Discover what your competitors are doing and feel confident in what makes you better
  • Ask people’s opinion & ensure that you are meeting the needs of your existing & target clients
  • Share your knowledge and display your expertise
  • Demonstrate the personality, trustworthiness & integrity of you and your brand
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Build valuable relationships with clients, suppliers and associates
  • Create greater awareness of your blogs, your product launches or your events
  • Develop a Staff Policy to ensure that there is clarity in your business on acceptable use
  • Be prepared for adverse publicity in your Business Continuity Plan
  • Use your existing networks to generate new business and opportunity
  • Increase the value of Referral & Recommendations by nurturing your Advocates
  • Reduce the chance of negativity affecting your business by dealing with it quickly & appropriately

My work with clients usually begins with one of two packages:

PACKAGE 1: Kickstart your Social Media

Suitable for those who have little or no experience of Social Media and would like to understand what networks are appropriate for their business type and goals. 

PACKAGE 2: Social Media Optimisation Package

Suitable for those who are using Social Media but struggling and feeling it’s not offering return on the time spent. Helping to get the focus back, ensure the activity is correct for the business and setting plans in place to manage time spent on-line. 

Both sessions consist of: an initial questionnaire for me to do some pre-meeting research and ensure I understand your business and current activity; a practical session with me which is tailored to your specific business needs (this can be anything from a 2 hour 1:1 session right up to a larger group workshop); a follow-up action plan with clear and realistic actions that you can implement to make a difference straight away.

All sessions work as a stand-alone one-off session and will leave you with clarity on where you’re headed and enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead. Sometimes clients wish to work with me further to support the set up and use of their networks or to train staff but there is no expectation or requirement to do this and the sessions work perfectly well for clients as a one-off boost to your on-line endeavours. I have worked with a range of clients from self-employed people through to large national franchises.

Here is some of the feedback I’ve had from recent clients:

Olivia Van Der Werff“I am really impressed by Paula. She cuts through all the nonsense that people talk about social media and demonstrates how it can be used effectively – and specifically to your business. She is extremely pleasant to work with and gets to the heart of exactly what is needed, how and why. None of this is generic advice and it all makes perfect sense. I now have a plan about how to develop my use of social media and can, for the first time, really see the point and how it is going to help me develop my business. As importantly, I have a sounding board and a reliable and trustworthy person to bounce ideas around with – which isn’t easy to find. I would absolutely recommend Paula to anyone who thinks they should be using social media in their business (whether you think you know what your doing or not) – she can’t fail but to improve what you are currently doing and for an extremely reasonable fee.”
Olivia van der Werff, Beyond Dispute (November 2011)


“I recently met with Paula for some training on Social Media networks, with the aim of using my chosen networks more effectively. I was very pleased with the training Paula gave. It was a 2 hour session, and during that time we covered all the topics I had wanted help with. Paula is an expert in this area, and was not only able to clearly explain to me the best way to use social media, but she also came up with some creative ideas, to help with my business specifically. I was also very impressed with the follow-up information Paula provided. Thanks Paula, I have really enjoyed working with you, and will recommend you to anyone who wants a better understanding of how to use social media for their business.”
Emma Bibby, Assistant Guru (November 2011)


Janice Tye“Paula gave me two hours of her insight and expertise in the use of social media in my business and I count it as the best money I have spent for a long time. A lot of the fog has cleared and I now have much more of a realistic idea of how I can use social media as a business tool. I thoroughly recommend her.”
Janice Tye, 123Design (November 2011)




“Paula is highly personable, knowledgeable and efficient with her work and advice. If you are looking for support, guidance and inside knowledge on social media training and business support Paula is the person to book. In the short time I have worked with her, she has taken the time to understand my business and the goals we are working towards, providing specific solutions that are relevant to my business. Her coaching model is comprehensive, effective, supportive and efficient – I would highly recommend a session with her if you would like to develop the power of social media within your business.”
Kim Ingleby, Energised Performance (September 2011)



Peter Harris“Paula is very knowledgeable about her subjects and instills a high level of confidence when working with us, which allows us to learn at our pace, rather than being rushed. She is also very patient, allowing us time to discuss concepts, ideas and opportunities, which is a skill sadly lacking with a fair number of consultancies at present who try to rush everything. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Paula as a person with high integrity and a genuine willingness to help people to learn and achieve.”
Peter Harris, Voicepath (July 2011)



“Although a tech company, we needed a no-nonsense explanation of social media and how it could help us in the hosting industry marketplace. As a B2B UK ISP the value of getting involved in social media wasn’t directly obvious, more something that we felt we should be doing. Paula cut to the chase in our very first meeting, clearly explaining and promoting with her inimitable enthusiasm the possibilities for how we could reach target customers for our Dedicated ServerCloud Hosting and Colocation services. We have reached out to many people through social media who we otherwise would not have made contact with and I know that not only potential customers but also service providers are now ‘checking us out’ on our social media platforms. Paula’s great advice and knowledge has helped us find a niche for social media in our marketing activity and I am looking forward to maintaining our partnership as the world of social media develops.”
Vicki Perch, Veber (from March 2011, ongoing)