When choosing who to work with, we naturally look for skills & experience but equally as valuable is Word of Mouth. Here’s what some of my clients and colleagues have had to say about me.

“Paula has worked with me in the past on a couple of projects, and more latterly as the Finance Manager in a property company. I have always found her to be perceptive, innovative and incredibly capable. She has the ability to make what to me would seem like a mountain of work disappear in no time at all, her appetite for work is incredible. There must be a problem she can’t solve, but I never found one. I would heartily recommend her.” Trevor Bamford, Bloq Management

“Paula provides us with accounting support for our property construction and development work.  From day one we’ve been very impressed with Paula’s professionalism, attention to detail and focus on the services we need. We had an initial meeting where we discussed our requirements and since then Paula has consistently delivered exactly what we require, whilst always keeping us updated on any issues and recording decisions needed or assumptions made. Her technical capability and ability to understand the wider issues of a development project underpin a very reliable can do attitude.”  Tom Worley, UKPipeline Ltd

“Paula worked with us closely and was involved in the preparation of financial information to be included in a company sale document for one of our clients. She worked with extremely detailed and complex information for which she was able to provide extensive modelling and analysis. She was always professional and extremely fastidious in her approach to these tasks and we hope to work with her again very soon. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to any future potential clients.” Bill Meehan, B M Consultancy

“We were lucky enough to work with Paula when she was helping Ovation Finance and her professional attitude but very personal style made sure we managed through a number of internal changes with great results with a smile on our faces! I’d have no hesitation in recommending her to any business out there as she’ll take you from the high level plan to actually getting it done (the important bit!) as quickly as you want to achieve it!” Adrian Kidd, Ovation Finance

“We asked Paula to help us research and construct standards and delivery of communication with clients. As a distance service, this is incredibly important and wanted someone to take the project on quickly and efficiently. I’d thoroughly recommend Paula – feel free to get in touch for feedback personally if you like.” Damian Davies, The Timebank

“From first meeting Paula I was impressed by her attitude. She clearly had extensive experience and professional skills, but then so do many others. What Paula also had was a deep care for the people she works for and with, a rare quality that I value highly.  Following a number of meetings, I asked her to join us at Ovation, offering her practical operations management skills to our clients via our Better Business Team. Seeing her at work I realised that we would also benefit internally from her management skills and approach and so she is currently working with us on internal as well as external projects. A highly trustworthy and dedicated individual.” Chris Budd, Ovation Finance

“I loved working with Paula, she was creative and inventive, strategic and objective. I found her to be personable, flexible, knowledgable and an extremely good communicator. I’d recommend her services and look forward to working on another project with her in the future.” Amanda Thomas, Western Counselling

“Paula is very knowledgeable about her subjects and instills a high level of confidence when working with us, which allows us to learn at our pace, rather than being rushed. She is also very patient, allowing us time to discuss concepts, ideas and opportunities, which is a skill sadly lacking with a fair number of consultancies at present who try to rush everything. As a direct result of work with her, we discovered the opportunity to approach a whole new market that otherwise we would have blissfully been missing! We are now in the position to take on a number of new Tenders. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Paula as a person with high integrity and a genuine willingness to help people to learn and achieve.” Peter Harris, Voicepath Ltd

“I am really impressed by Paula. She cuts through all the nonsense that people talk and provides sensible and effective advice & training. She is extremely pleasant to work with and gets to the heart of exactly what is needed, how and why. None of this is generic advice and it all makes perfect sense. I now have a plan to help me develop my business. As importantly, I have a sounding board and a reliable and trustworthy person to bounce ideas around with – which isn’t easy to find.” Olivia van der Werff, Beyond Dispute

“Paula is a very capable manager with excellent organisational skills and a really good grasp of the big picture. She is very reliable and proactive in her approach. She can put her hand to almost anything and make a success of it as well as maintaining a focus and grasp of the overall picture.” Jason Pitchers, Stride Treglown 

“Paula is highly personable, knowledgeable and efficient with her work and advice. If you are looking for support, guidance and inside knowledge to support your business, Paula is the person to book. In the short time I have worked with her, she has taken the time to understand my business and the goals we are working towards, providing specific solutions that are relevant to my business. Her coaching model is comprehensive, effective, supportive and efficient – I would highly recommend her.” Kim Ingleby, Energised Performance

“Paula has that rare ability to make her vast knowledge and expertise understandable and digestable to those less able to grasp the concepts. Paula does this is a way as not to make one feel inferior, but through clear explanation and inclusion in the process she is able to pass on her experience and knowledge in the most polite and friendly manner.” Nathan Hones, Stride Treglown Abu Dhabi

“Finding someone who is thorough, organised and passionate about what they do is hard to find, but I believe Paula has all of these qualities and has quickly become a valuable member of the team. It actually only took one meeting for her to grasp who we were and what we are trying to achieve and straight away she put forward ideas that would ensure we kept our sense of identity. The ability she has to communicate, via emails and face to face, means everyone has a clear understanding of the way forward and the choices open to us.” Michelle Pascal, Panther Films

“Paula brought great intelligence and sensitivity to her role as Operations Manager. I would recommend Paula as a great person to work with and as someone who thinks deeply about, and rises to, the challenges presented to her.” Tina Coulsting Carter, Mentor Media Training

“Paula is an enthusiastic, professional and hardworking person. Technically she is very competent and can apply herself to a range of business challenges. As a person she is very caring, amiable and considerate.” Andy Marsh, Suiko Ltd

“Paula was quick to determine my level of knowledge, and exactly what my business required. She was able to convey her expertise in way that I could both understand, and take forward on my own, without overloading or confusing me. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and would definitely employ her in the future to take my business further.” Emma Lord, Emma Lord PT

“Paula is very efficient, effective and professional in all of the projects and work that she carries out. She is very reliable and can be trusted to deliver what is required to a very high standard.” Kevin McDonald, Stride Treglown

“Paula’s ability to articulate to different audiences is second to none. It states on Paulas LinkedIn profile “Jargon is banned! My approach is to make learning accessible and realistic to my clients and their business.” and this is very definitely the case. My first meeting with Paula was essentially a Q&A and discussion session which was followed up with an action plan to work to and implement. Subsequent work with Paula has been equally productive and I will continue to call on her when I need advice and guidance.” Kevin Leighton, Kevin Leighton Photography

“Paula is a very thoughtful, logical, perceptive and friendly person. It’s always clear that Paula has an open mind on bringing in new and more effective ways of doing things. This means Paula is very focused on getting the right results for the right people.” Peter Badger, Stride Treglown